Heavy Lifting

Welcome to Phoenix Lifting

"It's not just about what we do, It's about how we do it"

The strong arm division of Phoenix Scaffolding, offering lifting services to a wide variety of Industries with the expertise and certification to ensure we supply our customers with the highest level of service whilst maintaining Industry standards and regulations.

Our brand new, state of the art Scania R500XT tractor unit is fitted out with the Fassi 820 Ra crane and can operate 360 and along with the L414 fly job and fitted winch the equipment can be adapted for different applications. Capable of lifting 22T at 3m radius up to a height of 8m, and just under 4T at 16m radius and up to 6.8T vertically to 20m, the equipment can be used for heavy lifting.

With the addition of the fly jib the equipment can be utilised for long reach and high lifting capable of 1.4T at just under 26m radius and 1.5T to 29m vertically. All the above applications can be used with the fitted winch. Please see the attached duty charts for full capabilities.

This vehicle is highly manoeuvrable and compact for its lifting capabilities enabling access to more restrictive areas where larger mobile cranes cannot access.

Crane and Operator Hire

Our lifting services can be offered with 2 options.

Should yourself, your company or organisation have the required and sufficient knowledge, training and experience to plan and organise the lift, you can employ our services to carry out the plan for you with our operators and equipment.

Alternatively should you not have the expertise and experience to plan the lifting operations yourself, our customers can employ us on a “contract lift” basis.

With our in house CPCS Accredited appointed person Phoenix Scaffolding can take full responsibility for planning and executing the entire operation, safely and efficiently whilst at all times maintaining Industry standards and regulations.

Our contract lifting service covers the following;-

Site and load assessment, using our knowledge and experience to find he best solution for your lifting requirements.

Provision of the lifting team including CPCS qualified slinger / signallers, crane supervisor and ALLMI qualified operator.

Carry out your lifting operations in accordance with Industry standards and regulations including LOLER 1998, BS7121 “safe use of cranes and following the CPA -ALLMI best practice guide for the management of lifting operations with lorry loaders.

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