Site: Pevensey Castle
Client: English Heritage
Main Contractor: PAYE Stonework and Restoration
Works: Provision of loading gantry and access scaffolding to carry out restoration and conservation works to the ancient boundary walls

Introducing “Phoenix Rising” the latest addition to the Phoenix Scaffolding and Lifting Fleet. With forward and proactive thinking and combining it with the embracement of modern technology and innovation, we have been able to greatly reduce manual handling, increase public and site safety and have contributed greatly to a reduction in site traffic.

With this site, work is in fairly close proximity to public areas and material deliveries are via the public car park with limited safe working space to barrier off each day. This job also required excessive manual handling with materials having to be walked a long distance up hill to the site.

To improve the efficiency of this job we utilised our manual handling time into constructing a loading gantry instead and took full advantage of the lifting capacity and reach of our lorry mounted crane. The Fassi F820RA.2.26 is mounted on a Scania XT R500 tractor unit and is capable of full 360° rotation and can lift an incredible 22 Tonnes at just under 3m ranging to an impressive 1.4 T at almost 26m radius and 1.5 T at 29m vertically. This combination of intelligent, experienced and knowledgeable thinking combined with our in-house lift planning and operations enabled us to have a massive impact on productivity and public safety.

With our ALLMI certified operator and CPCS qualified slinger/signallers we have the ability to complete planned, weekly material deliveries in 4-5 hours which would have otherwise taken 5 men 5 days to achieve along with daily transports requiring 8 hours of marshalling each day to segregate and divert the public. Our lifting equipment is highly manoeuvrable and with a technically permissible Gross Train Weight of 70 Tonnes we can lift and deliver with a single vehicle causing minimal disruption to surrounding local business’s, roads and public areas. Along with a purpose-built storage area to lift onto materials can be stored in a secure, isolated environment contributing to all round site safety.

A winning combination.