Dover Castle

Site: Dover Castle

Client: English Heritage

Main Contractor: PAYE Stonework and Restoration

Works: Provision of access scaffolding to carry out restoration and conservation works to St Johns Tower, Norfolk Towers and Constables Tower.

On this project we were faced with numerous challenges from the outset which would require careful planning combined with our knowledge and experience in all 3 of our primary services, scaffolding, lifting and logistics. 

Our starting point was St Johns Tower, an isolated round tower located in the surrounding ditch of the castle below the curtain walls. The only access to this tower is via the large ditch surrounding the castle which is approximately 12m below the closest access road. Once again by utilising our crane and lifting expertise all materials were lowered into the ditch using our winching mechanism on our larger lorry mounted crane. The access road itself came with its own challenges as this was a main public entrance to the attraction, on an incline and the lifting point was over a ticket kiosk. All deliveries were carefully planned taking the above factors into account and were timed to be carried out and all vehicles cleared by opening time.